Producing a world leading nightlife and daylife experience in some of the top party cities in the world.

About Us

World Crawl is owned and operated by two friends Mike and Nick.

Nick was travelling the world when he worked for a club crawl company in Australia. The skills he learned there, he took back to his home country of Canada and met Mike in Whistler, British Columbia.

Mike was running a notorious nightclub in the Whistler area when he was approached by Nick with an idea to operate a club crawl. Nick and Mike started working together in a business associate capacity for two years, before they decided to team up and move to Las Vegas to form the partnership that is now World Crawl.

Many years, cities and endeavours later, World Crawl Entertainment has been operating in all facets of nightlife from tours to management, to transportation, to sales, to VC to operations.

As World Crawl races towards it’s 1,000,000th customer, Nick and Mike continue to look for great talent, innovative, lively and amazing people.

“The only thing more important than our customers, is our team.”

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