How to Tip in Vegas

Tipping can be a tricky thing, we've done the hard work for you with this helpful guide.

While visiting the fabulous and intoxicating city of Las Vegas, there are a few things you should be aware of. One of those things is tipping procedure. You may think you know how it works, but many countries do not work off of tips and therefore see no need to leave that extra gratuity, especially at restaurants and bars. Even those of you who know how important it is to tip may not realize all the different people who contribute to making your trip enjoyable, and therefore don’t give them their fair share. So what is tipping procedure in Las Vegas? We’ve come up with a list of who and what should be tipped on, and an idea of how much is appropriate for all the industry workers here in Sin City.

Cocktail waitresses
These hardworking servers provide you with all that liquid courage that keeps you rolling in chips while on the casino floors. $1 a drink is a fair tip, and will keep them coming back to refill your glass all night.
DealersWhilst throwing those dice or betting those winning cards, make sure to tip your dealers when you leave every table, or even if you win a big hand. The same rule as the cocktail waitresses applies- $1-$2, though if they have been extra helpful you can leave a little bit more.

This may seem like a strange one, but it is standard to leave the maids at least $5 at the end of your trip- after all, they were the ones cleaning up after you all weekend, and we can bet it wasn’t always an easy task!
ServersTipping your server after a meal is fairly standard protocol, but as we mentioned above, if you are visiting from a foreign country where tipping isn’t very common, we recommend always leaving 15-20% on top of your bill.

Bottle Service
If you are planning on going all out and purchasing bottle service, a rule of thumb is to check to see if gratuity is included in the overall price. More often than not, tip won’t be included, and it is very important to leave around 20%. Just because you already dropped a decent amount on the bottle service itself does not discount the fact that most of your servers work their butts off to give you the best experience, all while wearing stilettos. Depending on their level of helpfulness, you can tip your host as well. After all, they helped organize your evening.*If you are on a comp bottle (I.e free), it is still necessary to leave a small tip for the servers and hosts.

Strip Clubs
You already have the singles ready for a night at the strip club, but what is standard tipping procedure while there? Usually people tip around $1 per song, unless you are getting a personal dance or have a private section.

Taxi/Uber/Lyft Drivers
Now that ride share is officially in Las Vegas, getting from place to place is fairly inexpensive and stress free. However, tipping your drivers, especially if they have been helpful in suggesting places to visit or things to see, is considered good etiquette. Many of these drivers have lived and worked in this city for years, and their input is invaluable. Besides, after a day or night of drinking, they are the ones to make sure you get safely back to wherever you’re staying- and that, too, is priceless. 

Open Bar/Bartenders
If you’re planning on spending a day or night sipping drinks at a bar, $1-$2 a drink for the bartender serving you is reasonable. If it is a busy night we often find that the more you tip, the faster you get served. Many bars in Las Vegas offer open bar deals- but just because you paid all at once, it is still suggested to leave at least $1 per drink. At the nightclubs, despite the high drink prices, gratuity is not always included, so you’ll still need to leave a tip.

Tipping not only enhances your personal experience here in Las Vegas, but it shows the many people who make your trip one to remember that they did a great job. It isn’t always an easy task working in such a bustling metropolis, so leaving that little bit extra makes you look good, while also giving them a hard earned bonus.

Hopefully our Las Vegas tipping procedures give you a decent idea of what to expect while visiting, and ensures you are treated like royalty the whole time!

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