Las Vegas’ Bar & Club Dresscode

Las Vegas nightclubs are known for their fairly strict dress codes, we have the best insight in to what you'll need to wear!

So what is the dress code in Las Vegas? All clubs have their own codes and regulations, so here is an overview of what is required and what is considered ‘passable.’


Omnia, Hakkasan and Jewel all fall under the Hakkasan Group umbrella. These stylish clubs boast incredible EDM and Hip Hop performers and djs, spine tingling light shows and multi leveled layouts. With so much to see and so many opportunities to be seen, the style for these clubs is edgy, classy and fashion forward. You definitely want to dress the part to party in these clubs- think movie stars, models, fashionistas, or any style you'd see on the red carpet. Disclaimer: maybe leave the ballgowns at home.

The following is a list of appropriate clothing for men:
-Long pants or jeans (cannot have rips or be overly baggy).
-Dress shoes
-Collared shirt
*Though the website states collared shirts, here are some passable alternatives, though management reserves the right to turn people away for being in incorrect dress code:

For a more casual approach:
-Fitted v-neck t-shirts of a darker color (must be plain)
-Vans, Converse or Sperries as long as they are clean, tidy and preferably black, dark blue or any darker color fabric.
-No all white sneakers-No athletic gym shoes
-No hats, shorts, sandals or tank tops


Drais has become renowned for their impressive (and extensive) list of artists who grace the main stage of this club. Performers such as Chris Brown, Migos and Trey Songz are club favorites, while regulars like DJ Esco and Pauly D provide crowds with awe-inspiring sets. Though this club is predominately hip-hop oriented, patrons are advised against dressing like they are appearing in a rap video, with specific clothing articles like Jordans or Timberlands, large chains and baggy clothing against club dress code entirely. The indoor/outdoor venue is mind-blowing, but the standards by which drais abide are strict.

Drais dresscode is similar to Hakkasan’s, though their list of prohibited items is longer:
-No Vapes
-No eyedrops, prescription medications, gum or cameras/go-pros
-No chains
-No Jordans and/or similar athletic style shoes
-No offensive graphic t-shirts
-No work boots (I.e. timberlands, lugz, etc)

Drais can be incredibly strict, so make sure any attire is clean cut and classy. The most casual outfit you can get away with here would be a dark fitted v-neck, jeans with no visible rips and black vans or converse.


Tao and Marquee have both made names for themselves with their exquisite layouts and top DJs. Because of their outstanding reputation, these clubs have enforced a fairly strict dress code that goes beyond that of even Hakkasan and Drais. What we mean by this is that where the other clubs usually allow slim fit v-neck, or even plain black tees sometimes, Tao and Marquee require collared shirts for guys and no baggy or torn bottoms for ladies or gentlemen. Assorted rooms allow patrons to wander around while glimpsing both famous and prestigious names, accompanied by killer music.

Standard guys dress code includes:
-Collared shirts
-Jeans or Dress pants
-Dress shoes

Dress code in Las Vegas always depends on the clubs themselves, but a safe bet is dress to impress. If you’re planning to wear more casual shoes like vans or converse, etc, make sure you’re wearing classier shirts and pants to avoid looking too casual.

Ladies dress code across the board is pretty standard:
-No flip flops
-No athletic shoes or athletic attire
-No baggy shorts
-Avoid extremely ripped or ragged jeans

A tidy presence is required by all parties. Trust us, nothing ruins a night faster than being turned away at the door of a club because of dress code issues. Besides, you’re in the most glamorous city in the world- why not dress accordingly?

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