Las Vegas Pool Party Dress Code

Las Vegas beach Clubs are known to be a little more relaxed than the nightclub dress codes but there are still some rules that apply, we have the best insight in to what you'll need to wear!

So what is the dress code in Beach Clubs in Las Vegas? All clubs have their own codes and regulations, so here is an overview of what is required and what is considered ‘passable.’

Generally, the beach clubs are a lot more relaxed and allow a larger range of clothing items to be worn. As long as you keep to the 'fashionable beach' theme, you shouldn't have an issue.

As for things to avoid, the following list is a good guide to follow:
- Athletic gear, apparel & shoes
- Trousers
- Ripped, torn or cutoff clothing
- Speedo-style briefs
- Workwear
- Jordan's
- Branded hats
- Baggy clothing
- Chains
- Offensive prints

A tidy presence is required by all parties. Trust us, nothing ruins a day faster than being turned away at the door of a club because of dress code issues. Besides, you’re in the most glamorous city in the world- why not dress accordingly?

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