College Weekend in Whistler

MLK weekend is the busiest weekend of the year for partying. Thousands of students make it up every year to party from our neighbours to the south.

MLK Weekend Whistler

It’s often referred to as MLK Weekend in Whistler. It’s where literally thousands of college students come up from some of the Universities in the USA for their long weekend. Obviously, lot’s of people come to ski and snowboard, but just as many come up just to party. 

It’s the type of weekend where you can see the students walking around at 4pm in the afternoon after spending several hours drinking. The people who come up to party, certainly party hard. We give kudos to those that do, because Whistler certainly knows how to party. 

What’s World Crawl Doing for MLK?

Whistler Club Crawl runs its crawls on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday on these weekends. We’ll be hitting 3 or 4 venues, getting food, drinks, no line and no cover. In 2019 we are already 80% sold out for our Saturday crawl. Our Saturday and Sunday crawls sell out every single year. We usually recommend that most people get their two or three night passes to these events. 

What Time Does It Start?

Be aware the crawls that we run on Saturday and Sunday during college weekend start early. Sometimes as early as 5pm. The reason that we do that is because everywhere is so unbelievably busy on this weekend, we need to make sure we get into the clubs. I have seen lineups outside Maxx Fish nightclub as early as 7pm that go around the block. 

Most of the nightclubs in town only have about 200 person capacity. When we go in and fill up the clubs, they’re full! Meaning nobody else is getting in. When a venue is at capacity, that’s it. That’s all. The fire marshal will shut the place down if the venues go over their legal limit. We absolutely must get in before the big crowds. 

Is there Re-entry on College Weekend?

The big question we always get, is whether or not there is re-entry to the venues. The short answer is… maybe. Often the clubs are at capacity and if you leave, even if you have a stamp, you’ll be stuck in line, waiting to get back in. Most of the issues will stem from capacity. The venues on MLK weekend tend to do a ‘based on demand’ style of entry and re entry. They may allow it, or they may not. It all depends how busy they are. 

How much does it cost?

We charge $60 for our crawls. Sometimes the price can go up on Saturday and Sunday nights, but we do everything we can to stick to that $60 price point. The venues can change their pricing for us and therefore we must pay more. The other question is how much does it cost to get into these clubs without the crawl. Well, that’s another story and it’s different throughout the weekend. Low end $15, high end $50. 

Finally, we’d like to give a shout out to some of the colleges that have been working with us over the last few years. University of Washington and Washington State in particular. We thank you for your loyalty and we can’t wait to see you again this year! 

Much Love, 


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