Top 8 instagrammable places in Vancouver

Vancouver is known to have some of the best views and sights in any major Canadian city. Where is your favourite Instagram-worthy spot?
Digital orca Instagram

Lions Gate Bridge

Lions Gate Bridge - Instagram

Originally built in 1938, this majestic bridge connects Vancouver city with North Vancouver. The ideal place for an Instagram-worthy picture is definitely Stanley Park. 

Vancouver Public Library

Vancouver Public Library - Instagram

The special thing about Vancouver Public Library is that it resembles an ancient Roman amphitheater. Not surprising, then, that it has been featured in several blockbuster movies!  Also, the library has over 9.5 million books and other educational items!

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Capilano Suspension Bridge Instagram

This unique park will dazzle you with its beautiful views of the forest in the North Vancouver area. Photos taken from this thrilling suspension bridge will look spectacular. Also, remember to try not to look down!

Digital Orca

The digital orca is essentially a sculpture that was made entirely out of pixel art! It is situated next to the Convention Centre and is worth a pose for an Instagram photo!

Alley Oop

If you love various colours in pretty hues, then you will love Alley Oop which is a laneway in the city centre featuring a eye-catching colours for a great background to your photographs. Shoot some hoops in full technicolour!

Fun Alley

Fun Alley is another colorful place in which to take amazing Instagram photos! Located in Lonsdale, you will love strolling down this alley and won’t be able to resist taking several photos! 

Engagement Sculpture

Newly engaged? Awesome! Why not head over to Sunset Beach to see the 2 giant engagement rings installed there! This is a great way to announce an engagement or simply to pose next to the awe-inspiring sculpture. Similarly, if you are hoping for that proposal, and you want to give your partner a hint... This is the place to go!

The Bloedel Conservatory

bloedel conservatory instagram

If you love nature but the weather is no cooperating, then you may want to visit the Bloedel Conservatory which is a covered tropical garden located in the Queen Elizabeth Park.  Enjoy snapping pics of the exotic flowers, plants and birds in this garden paradise!

Well, that's it for now. These are our 8 most instagrammable places in Vancouver. Did we miss any places? Let us know! Please leave us a comment or a suggestion, we promise to respond!

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