Craft Crawl - Social Experience

Drinks and Food

Included is a full flight at each of our carefully selected venues. That's 4 unique beers at each bar, a variety of 16 of Canada's finest. We even have a notecard for you to keep track! And along the way 2 of our venues will show off thier tastiest bites. Enjoy samples like polenta bites, sliders, etc.

Craft Crawl - Knowledgable Tour Guides

Hosted by the Beer Pro

You start your Crawl off meeting our knowledgeable friendly beer pro, who will be your host, and guide, for the entire event. Your host is both a beer enthusiast, trained with detailed craft knowledge, and a local, with all the insider insights into one of the world's most prestigious resorts.

Craft Crawl - 16 Beers

Memories For A Lifetime

Whether you show up on your own, or you're part of a larger group, we've designed the Crawl to be a social experience that will leave you wanting to do it again. Be sure to check out the photos from the Crawl. We'll be sure to snap a couple of them by the picturesque Olympic Rings.

What Is Included?

Sample a Flight
at Each Venue

We carefully select a variety of the very best of Canada’s Craft Beer for you to try

Delicious Bites
at 2 Venues

Whistler’s finest love to show off. 2 of our stops feature some delicious bites!

The Best of

We are local so we know the secrets. We carefully choose the best places for you to enjoy beer culture.

By a Knowledgable Local
and a Beer Enthusiast

Learn fun Whistler history from a real local, and all about what you are drinking from a beer aficionado!

Smile for the

Whistler is picturesque everywhere you look, we will capture and share with you all tour long.

Pick The Date You Wish To Crawl

This process is fast, easy! Once you purchase your ticket, you meet us at the starting time and location displayed on this site. Grab your tickets, meet us first venue with your I.D., and don’t be late!